CNC Swiss Machining

When you need high-quality CNC Swiss machining outside the Seattle area, look no further than Roberts Precision Machine. Our company guarantees 100 percent compliance—the first time, every time and with guaranteed on-time delivery or 5 percent off your order, you know you will get what you need, when you need it. With state-of-the-art machines, and a quality management system registered as both AS9100D and ISO 9001:15, our team has a track record you can trust.

Why Swiss Machining?

In the 1870's Jackob Schweizer, a watchmaker by trade, developed the Swiss machining process when he combined a lathe with a sliding headstock, allowing forward and back movement at the same time as material rotation. This concept gave way to a process of delicate precision when it came to cutting metal; and in today’s world CNC Swiss machining allows for repeatable tolerances within .0002, and gives our machinists the ability to create extremely complex products. These tools are used in a variety of fields including medical, defense, aerospace, modeling, and more.

Roberts Precision Machine - Only the Best

At Roberts Precision Machine, we use only the best top of the line Star and Nexturn Swiss Machines. Each part is directly machined from solid models to meet specific CAD standards; and our machines are equipped with automatic bar feeders to bring you unmatched throughput saving us time and saving you money.

We can meet your CNC Swiss manufacturing needs, regardless of what they are. Our team has years of experience, and specializes in parts made from stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and cast materials. No matter how complex your design, our team of experts can handle it.

We use a variety of CNC Swiss manufacturing machines, but one of our favorites is the Star SR20RIV. With a 27-position tool station, the ability to accommodate up to 41 tools and a Y-axis control, this machine is advanced, innovative, and features the newest technologies available. Our Nexturn 32MM CNC Swiss machine is an excellent and economical choice. With nine tool stations and three-axis milling on two different spindles, it can handle large and complex jobs while keeping you well within budget.

We also have a full range of CNC Mills to perform second operations if needed or to meet any of your milling needs.

Do You Need Swiss Machining in the Seattle area?

If you’re in need of CNC Swiss machining in the Seattle area, contact us today at Roberts Precision Machine. 360-805-1000.