CNC Machining

Machining With Coolant

Manufacturing directly from solid models is supported, as well as most CAD standards and plaintext files.  If we do not already support your file transfer preference, let us know and we will promptly develop the capability.

We partner with both Esprit CAM software, and SolidWorks CAD software.  We feel that Esprit is the finest software available in the world today for programming our multi-axis lathes, milling centers, and 5-axis machines. SolidWorks is the world leader in CAD software, and we use it to good affect, both for interpreting customer models, and for building production models for our programming team.  CAD services are also available as needed.

AssemblyMachining Assembly

Our team has streamlined the manufacturing process for several of our customers by providing high quality sub assemblies.  Great solutions have been found by combining our assembly abilities with our customers’ procurement requirements. We will work with you to develop optimized and integrated manufacturing plans.


Inspection and security

Inspection and Measurement

Roberts Precision Machine, Inc. is an AS9100D registered facility, with certifications for both AS9100, REV. D and ISO 9001:2015.  We conduct both internal and compliance audits annually.

Inspection equipment is calibrated regularly using gage block sets that are traceable to the National Bureau of Standards, and certified annually by Global Calibration Systems of Seattle, Washington.

All records of goods produced, materials used, physical and chemical states, and post processes are kept for a minimum of 10 years.

All manufacturing and engineering specifications are treated as proprietary designs of our customer’s origin, and all manufacturing files are kept secure.  We are able to provided military grade security if requested.

PGP security protocol is supported with prior exchange of public key data.